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Learn the Secrets of David Williamson's Magic in Williamson's Wonders PDF

David Williamson Williamson's Wonders PDF Download: A Review of a Classic Magic Book

If you are a fan of magic, you have probably heard of David Williamson. He is one of the most talented, versatile, and entertaining magicians in the world. He has won numerous awards, appeared on TV shows, and performed for celebrities and royalty. He is also the author of one of the most famous books on magic ever published: Williamson's Wonders.

david williamson williamson's wonders pdf download


Who is David Williamson?

David Williamson is a living legend in the magic community. He was born in Ohio in 1960 and started learning magic at the age of 12. He soon developed his own style of comedy magic that combined sleight of hand, misdirection, and hilarious patter. He became a professional magician in 1981 and quickly rose to fame with his original routines and charismatic personality.

What is Williamson's Wonders?

Williamson's Wonders is a book that was written by Richard Kaufman and published by Kaufman and Greenberg in 1989. It contains 57 entries that cover the magic of David Williamson, including routines with cards, coins, and his famous two-cup routine. The book is illustrated with drawings by Richard Kaufman and has 96 pages. It is widely regarded as one of the best books on magic ever written, as it reveals the secrets behind some of the most amazing effects ever seen.

Why should you read this book?

If you are interested in learning magic, this book is a must-have. It will teach you not only how to perform incredible tricks, but also how to present them with humor, timing, and audience interaction. You will learn from one of the masters of magic, who shares his tips, insights, and anecdotes throughout the book. You will also discover some of the most original and clever methods ever devised for classic plots such as coin vanishes, coins across, cup and ball moves, and more.

Main Content

The Wonderful Coin Vanish

One of the first effects in the book is the wonderful coin vanish. This is a simple but stunning way to make a coin disappear from your hand. You show a coin in your palm and close your hand into a fist. You then open your hand and show that the coin is gone. You can repeat this as many times as you want, with different coins or even other small objects.

The Retention Clip Vanish

The secret behind this vanish is a clever sleight called the retention clip vanish. This is a way to secretly hold a coin between your thumb and index finger while showing your hand empty. You can then drop the coin into your other hand or pocket without anyone noticing. This sleight was independently invented by David Williamson and Richard Kaufman, and it is one of the most deceptive coin vanishes ever created.

Cross-Eyed Coins Across

Another effect that uses the retention clip vanish is the cross-eyed coins across. This is a variation of the classic coins across plot, where four coins travel one by one from one hand to another. The twist is that you pretend to be cross-eyed and confused, and you make the coins jump in unexpected ways. For example, you make two coins jump at once, or you make a coin jump back to your hand after it has already traveled. This is a very funny and baffling routine that will keep your audience guessing and laughing.

The Striking Vanish and Other Cup and Ball Moves

David Williamson is also famous for his two-cup routine, which is a streamlined version of the classic cups and balls. He uses only two cups and four balls, and he performs a series of astonishing vanishes, appearances, and transpositions with them. One of the key moves in his routine is the striking vanish, which is a way to make a ball disappear from your hand by tapping it with a wand or a pen.

The Open-Hand Vanish

The open-hand vanish is a way to use the striking vanish as an overt vanish. You show a ball in your open hand and tap it with a wand. The ball visibly vanishes from your hand, leaving it empty. You can then produce the ball from under a cup or somewhere else.

The Close-Hand Vanish

The close-hand vanish is a way to use the striking vanish as a secret steal. You show a ball in your closed hand and tap it with a wand. You then open your hand and show that the ball is still there. However, you have secretly stolen another ball from under a cup with the wand, and you can use it for further effects.

The Visible Change

The visible change is a way to use the striking vanish to change the color or size of a ball. You show a ball in your hand and tap it with a wand. The ball visibly changes into another ball of a different color or size. You can then show both balls or make them disappear.

Coin from Pen Cap and Other Miscellaneous Effects

The book also contains some other effects that do not fit into any specific category, but are equally impressive and entertaining. One of them is the coin from pen cap, which is a way to produce a coin from the cap of a pen. You show a pen and remove the cap. You then shake the cap and make a coin fall out of it. You can repeat this with different coins or even other small objects.

Coin in Pen Cap

The secret behind this effect is that you have a coin hidden in the pen cap beforehand. You use a thumb tip to secretly insert the coin into the cap as you remove it from the pen. You then shake the cap and let the coin fall out of it. You can then put the coin back into the thumb tip and repeat the process with another coin or object.

The Floating Match on Card

Another effect that uses a thumb tip is the floating match on card. This is a way to make a matchstick float above a playing card. You show a matchbox and take out a matchstick. You then place the matchstick on top of a card and light it. You blow out the flame and then lift your hand away from the card. The matchstick remains floating above the card, defying gravity. You can then take the matchstick and show everything normal.

The Mystery Card Trick

The last effect in the book is the mystery card trick, which is a way to reveal a selected card in an impossible way. You have a spectator shuffle a deck of cards and cut it into three piles. You then ask them to look at the top card of any pile and remember it. You then take all three piles and shuffle them together. You then spread the cards face down on the table and ask them to point to any card they want. You turn over that card and show that it is their selected card.


Summary of the book

Williamson's Wonders is an amazing book that teaches you some of the best magic ever created by David Williamson. It covers routines with cards, coins, cups and balls, and other props. It also shows you how to perform magic with humor, personality, and style. It is a book that every magician should read and study.

Where to get the book

Magic, Amazon, or eBay. The PDF version is available from various online sources, such as Conjuring Archive, Lybrary, or Scribd. However, you should be aware that some of these sources may not be authorized or legal, and you may be violating the copyright of the author and publisher if you download them without permission.


Here are some frequently asked questions about the book and the author:

  • Q: When was David Williamson born?

  • A: He was born on November 9, 1960.

  • Q: What are some of the awards that David Williamson has won?

  • A: He has won many awards, such as the Academy of Magical Arts Magician of the Year (twice), the FISM Special Prize for Comedy Magic, and the Macmillan International Magic Competition.

  • Q: What are some of the TV shows that David Williamson has appeared on?

  • A: He has appeared on many TV shows, such as The World's Greatest Magic, Champions of Magic, Fool Us, and Magic for Humans.

  • Q: Who is Richard Kaufman?

  • A: Richard Kaufman is a renowned magic author, editor, and publisher. He has written over 50 books on magic, including The Secrets of Brother John Hamman, CardWorks, CoinMagic, and The Berglas Effect. He is also the editor and publisher of Genii magazine.

  • Q: Who is Kaufman and Greenberg?

  • A: Kaufman and Greenberg was a publishing company that specialized in magic books. It was founded by Richard Kaufman and Stephen Minch in 1985 and dissolved in 1995. Some of their publications include The Collected Almanac, The Books of Wonder, and Smoke and Mirrors.


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