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When The Pawn Fiona Apple Zip

after some rough thursdays this one was solveable for me so, feelsgoodman. EN GARDE was just too good of an answer for me to abandon even with too few letters, and seeing how it was thursday and it fit so nicely between the circles, i decided to leave it. i then had CUSHION fitting nicely, and PLACEMAT...and just kept chipping away. of course, those last two turned out not to be right which made me start questioning everything...and then i ended up further complicating things by filling in ADZ and wondering "is that a thing?" so i googled it, and google said ADZE. which, if you go around the corner through the ZEN GARDEN, you do indeed get ADZE. so i started thinking the circled letter must be a joint. wasn't. it wasn't anything really. so this puzzle had a good difficulty level for me, but lacked in the zip department, at least in terms of thursday weirdness. there were some nice clues to uncover, like PRENUPS, EVIDENCE, PET SPA, DEA, DREAM ON, and NEUTER. IT GUY was a gimme because my partner is one, and TNG is my favorite trek so it's always nice to see JEAN LUC. nighthawks has hung in the dining room of my parents' house since we moved in there when i was 3, and my mom passed on her love of hopper (and art in general) to me. the PPP luck continued with me today, as i do love FIONA apple, although admittedly i only know the first two albums. (and her amazing intro to the tv series "the affair.") i also know OBERON but only because it's a club here we used to attend in The Before Times so it's recognizable to me as a word, and i've seen it in the crossword before. had UTICA before UPTON but the latter seemed plausible enough. guessed correctly on the first S of STASSEN, i know who T-PAIN and VING rhames are, ONEAL is one of the six basketball players i know, thankfully recalled nadal's home country from a recent puzzle, and my yiddish is good enough. had HAB before SEN but as a bruins fan i knew it had to be one or the other. in general i must give this puzzle credit, as aside from ADZ, SRO, and ERE, there really wasn't anything i raised an eyebrow to. and i expect a bit of three word bs in a puzzle, so overall despite the sort of sad trombone-ness of the "reveal" i thought the overall puzzle and individual clues were actually really nice.

When The Pawn Fiona Apple Zip


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