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Kalakalappu Mp4 Full Movie 21 !FULL!

The movie starts with Raghu trying to kill his own father for not taking good care of his family. That is when he discovers that he owns an ancestral property in Kasi which was given as lease almost a century ago. At the same time, an IT raid takes place in a minister's house. The minister hands over the laptop having his property detail to his auditor, who demands five crores to hand over the laptop. In Kasi, Raghu's ancestral property is taken care by Srinivas alias Seenu, but he was unsuccessful in the business that he is doing. It is then shown that both Seenu and Raghu had been cheated by Ganesh. They move to Karaikudi to get hold of Ganesh and get back their money. Meanwhile, the minister starts his journey to get back the laptop. In Karaikudi, Ganesh and his two associates reveal that they want to cheat a billionaire in order to get valuable diamonds from him. Moreover, he assures to give back their money if they help him. After multiple attempts, they manage to get it overnight and plan to escape together. However, Ganesh sees Raghu with his girlfriend Aishwarya, whom he liked very much. He intends to cheat both Raghu and Seenu for his revenge. Seenu and Raghu find out about this later and chase after him. After multiple chases, the diamonds in a tusk cover are placed in a random train in the railway station. How Raghu and Seenu recover their money and how the minister retrieves the laptop forms the rest of the story.

Kalakalappu Mp4 Full Movie 21


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